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Original farmhouse built in 1902 with Meyer Family

(from left,) Vince, Christine, Leona, Beatrice,

Florent, & Walt, (Mildred, Shup, Monica,

Ray, and Geneva not born yet)

May 2007 - month we broke ground to renovate barnyard.

August 2007 - first event Summer Farm Festival .

July 2009 - Roofed pavilion and landscaped grounds


Interior of Barn - Lower side sheds (behind wood walls) were setup with stalls used for calving and wintering cattle. Hay filled the center of barn and upper side sheds. September 2007 began cleanup and renovation of barn.  October 2008 we held our first barn event - an Antique Auction and Barn Dance with Joni Harms.

Inside barn with new foundation, cement floor, and lots of cleaning, ready for our first wedding in August 2008.

Watch Us Grow

Red Barn Farms is not your ordinary farm! Oh it has it’s farm roots! It’s a Century Farm - a farm that has been owned and operated by four generations of Meyer family – founded in 1901.

This was the homestead of Ty's great grandparents Florent and Christine Meyer who moved out west in 1889.  Read their story…

In 2007, Kay and Ty Meyer renovated the barn and barnyard into an rustic and elegant event venue. 

Red Barn Farm's goal is to preserve the rural lifestyle, increase agriculture awareness, and provide a venue and host events for people to come out and appreciate the the country atmosphere and way of life. 

Enjoy watching our new farm grow from it’s roots. 

Before and After Photos

The front of the barn then - May 2007.

The front of the barn now....with amphitheater and pavilion.

Barnyard with corrals used for wintering, weaning, and vaccinating cattle.

Landscaped grounds, lavender field, pavilion & pond replace the corrals and small sheds a year and a half later. The plants are thriving!

Old shop and machine shed.

Old shop is now groom's room and green room for musicians.




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